Working with Catalogs

In 1C:Enterprise, catalogs serve to store conventionally constant information and maintain intra-company or general classifiers. Catalogs are also generally used to organize analytical accounting. Catalog examples: Nomenclature, Contractors, Organizations, etc.

Catalog data may be viewed and edited if this is not prohibited for the specific user.

A catalog is opened using one of the following:

  • main program menu;

  • appropriate button from the toolbar;

  • OperationsCatalog… menu item. A list of existing catalogs in the system will be displayed. From the list, select the name of the desired catalog and then click OK.

In managed mode you can open a catalog using actions panel and navigation panel.

You can add the catalog data to other documents or catalogs. For example, contractor data should be specified in the documents by selecting them from the Contractors catalog. To do so, next to the Contractors field in the document press the selection button or use the F4 key and select the required data in the opened catalog by double-clicking or using the Enter key.

You can also enter data from catalogs manually. To do this, start typing the name in the text box: if there is information beginning with the entered letters (characters), the box is automatically filled with this information.

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