Working with Charts of Characteristic Types

Charts of characteristic types are designed for saving secondary characteristic types of objects, for example, secondary properties of articles (weight, color, dimensions).

The chart of characteristic types is used to implement analytical accounting for extra dimensions (not for subaccounts). This object describes the possible characteristics in whose cross-section analytical accounting must be carried on, for example, nomenclature, contracting partners, contracts, etc.

In terms of methods used to work with objects of this type, charts of characteristic types are basically the same as catalogs.

New characteristic types can be input in 1C:Enterprise mode.

Users have access to a mode for inputting new elements and folders as well as editing/deleting existing ones.

A chart of characteristic types can have predefined elements. They are created during configuration. In 1C:Enterprise mode, they cannot be deleted, but they can be edited.

Predefined elements are distinguished visually by the icon from user-defined elements.

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