Peculiarities of Operation in Server Mode

When creating a session, the information on the server version that creates the session will be saved to the session data.

A server can be rebooted or reinstalled during a session. In the latter case a change of server version is possible.

When attempting to establish a session, the infobase will check if the current server version matches the version saved in the session information.

If the versions match, the operation will continue, otherwise an error message is generated.

When working with managed forms, its data are stored both on the client and on the server. When control is switched between client and server, for example to call a server-side procedure, the two statuses are synchronized. If a server access problems emerges, network failures happen or when exceptions are released on a server, the statuses can get out of synchronization. To avoid such situations, when control is returned to the client, data are synchronized between server and client on the system level and operation with a managed form can be proceeded.

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