Common Pictures

The Designer makes it possible to use graphic images or pictures in a configuration. Pictures may be used in some controls (as icons), forms and templates. Pictures may also be called using the script of the 1?:Enterprise system.

A graphic image should be created with any graphics editor before it can be used as a picture. When a new picture is created, an edit dialog is opened automatically.

In order to select a graphics file and edit properties of an existing picture:
select the name of the picture in the configuration object tree
in the properties palette for the Picture property click the Open link

All the shared pictures of a configuration are referred to as picture gallery.

To perform operations on the picture gallery:

select Shared - Shared pictures branch of the configuration object tree or the configuration root object
select All pictures from the context menu.

A picture gallery edit dialog allows you to save any picture from the library to a file on disk.

The picture editor is used to edit a selected picture.

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