How can I add a new publication on the website? To add a new publication, it is required to register on the site, using the buttons "Create" or "Add your publication" create a new Post in blog "Publications". After you finish editing publication, click "Publish" and wait for the approval of moderator, then the article will be available for all the users in our site to view and comment. I created a new publication and saved it in drafts, where I may find it now. A list of publications saved in drafts is displayed using the button "Create". I sent a publication for moderation, but before its approval, I decided to make some more changes. How can I do it? Publications sent for moderation are displayed in a new menu item - "Publications for moderation" I found an error in the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. Where should I report it for its fixing? From the English-speaking users 1C receives the error messages at int@1c.ru. You should specify the registration number of your 1C license, error description and a way to replay it. If necessary, 1C Company will contact you for further details.

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