90% Russian companies use 1C products for bookkeeping

According to the research data of TNS in 2012, about 90% of companies in the major Russian cities used 1С products for bookkeeping.
They are followed, according to the research data, by the system BEST and «Sail» whose shares in the number of Russian companies where they are used do not exceed 1,4% and 1,2% respectively. Among the world’s leaders of ERP-system market it can be noted in the list Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a share of 0,2%.
1С representatives stated that their solutions are often used for bookkeeping also in the companies where the enterprise management systems of the world’s largest vendors are installed.

“This is due to the fact that we, as a large Russian company can respond as promptly as it possible to the changes of local laws and reflect them in our products”, - noted 1C representatives.

SAP and Oracle have not commented the research results of TNS. Microsoft said that they see a constant growth of Microsoft Dynamics NAV popularity in Russia.

“According to our estimates, the growth in the number of new customers of this solution in 2012 was over 50%. The next release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV on which localization we are working today will be available in the traditional model (installation in its own infrastructure), as well as in the form of cloud service based on Windows Azure», - stated in the Microsoft.

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