On release of MINI server “1C:Enterprise 8” for 5 connections

«1С» company announces the release in 09.12.2013 of software product “1С:Enterprise 8.3. Server MINI for 5 connections”.
This product is a server of «1С:Enterprise 8.3» of PROF level which provides the launch of no more than five sessions of users in the «1С:Enterprise» mode and one more session in the «Designer» mode (six connections in all each of which requires the client license). In this case, no more than one operating server can be in the server cluster. The operation of 32-bit and 64-bit server of «1С:Enterprise 8» is supported.

Product name

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4601546109019 1С:Enterprise 8.3. MINI Server license. 5 concurrent users

14 400

7 200

6 480

The product is aimed at the both small and middle and large enterprises that have the branches. It allows significantly reducing the costs for automation of the work of small number of local users. With the appearance of this product the client-server operation variant of «1С:Enterprise 8» becomes more affordable to automate the work groups and can serve as an alternative of the file variant of information base deployment. In turn, the use of client-server architecture allows increasing the volume and efficiency of data processing|, reliability and fault tolerance of the systems, expand the range of applied architectural solutions and technologies.

This product can be recommended, for example, to automate the point-of-sale, where it is required to provide the higher level of fault tolerance, as well as small office or sales outlet with the number of workplaces no more than five.

The software protection is user in the product – for «1С:Enterprise» server operation it is required to install on the server computer the license as a file. In this case, such several licenses installed on the same server computer will not increase the number of client licenses use at once with the same information base. To increase the number of users who work in the client-server variant, it is required to purchase the server licenses that do not restrict the number of attached client licenses (they were on sale earlier).

The product «1С:Enterprise 8.3. Server MINI for 5 connections» is designed to use with information bases that operated on the platform «1С:Enterprise» release 8.3.4 and later. This license for «1С:Enterprise» server can be used with the client licenses of «1С:Enterprise 8» of PROF or CORP level with software or hardware protection.

The client licenses of «1С:Enterprise 8» are not included in the distributive of software product and are purchased independently.

It is possible to use with the product «1С:Enterprise 8.3. Server MINI for 5 connections» the client licenses for more workplaces, but during the work with this server no more than cix workplaces will be used.

The product «1С:Enterprise 8.3. Server MINI for 5 connections» can be purchased for any basic distributive of «1С:Enterprise 8».

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