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Screw loose

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What a pleasure to talk about what a wonderful system was implemented, how the costs were reduced, how equipment was modernized or what a cool server room was built. It’s nice when the big bosses com to cut the ribbons and many talk about everything. It’s nice when the news about this is printed in newspapers. It’s nice, incredible, amazing, surprising.
But we are living in Russia – we are not looking for easy ways. Maybe in other countries as well as with us, but maybe not – I don’t know, I didn’t see, didn’t implement. But I have seen a lot of different companies in Russia from inside. Here on such case will be discussed.
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When employee becomes a gadget

Let’s talk about automation. Automation of enterprises, or at least some departments or even some functions. The word by itself is something artificial. It is not seen the life behind it. Sounds nice, but can be interpreted in different ways.

On the first place there is always the question – how will change the role of particular person who will work with created system? Will it be easy or hard to work, will he creatively work with the system or just push the button on command, how will change the requirements for his qualification?
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