Work with Reports

To obtain totals, or any other summary information, 1C:Enterprise uses reports.

The number and assortment of reports that can be obtained from the system is completely determined at the configuration development phase.

The settings and makeup of information generated in a report is completely determined by its form and algorithm, so the description of the configuration or the report window itself must contain descriptions of the properties and purposes of specific reports.

Use of Reports

In ordinary run mode reports can be opened using the main menu and panels buttons. Documentation for a specific configuration describes exactly how to generate a certain report.

Reports and data processors can also be opened using OperationsReport… menu item. A list of reports available in the system will be opened. Select the desired name from the list and click OK button.

To generate a report in managed run mode you can use commands of the actions panel, navigation panel or buttons of various system forms, as well as other actions. Documentation for a specific configuration describes exactly how to generate a certain report.

External reports can be used by selecting File - Open and choosing the appropriate report file (with erf extension). For external reports that have been interactively loaded from the client, access rights for interactive use of external reports are checked and safe mode is selected if the user does not possess administrative permissions.

The appearance of the report setting form, its properties, and the behavior of its controls are determined at the configuration development phase and, in general, can vary widely.

Saving and Restoring Report Settings

A set of parameters used in generating a certain report can be saved using the Save values button for convenient operations in the future.

If the option Use on open is checked when you save, the saved settings will automatically be used next time the report is opened.


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