1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 1 (0:40). Introduction. Creating an infobase. In 1C:Enterprise mode

In 1C:Enterprise mode

Applied solution interface appearance

The window title displays the configuration name. The empty space is the work area of the application. This area is not yet filled with any items.Lesson 1 (0:40). Introduction. Creating an infobase / In 1C:Enterprise mode / Applied solution interface appearance
Fig. 1.19. 1C:Enterprise mode

Note. Besides the title, the application window contains the area of system commands, which are available in all applications. They are intended for opening the main application menu, opening the About window, printing, and so on.

Currently nothing is displayed in the 1C:Enterprise window except the configuration title. And this is exactly what we should have expected.

You have created neither any configuration objects, nor subsystems to display such objects yet. The subsystems as the basis of the 1C:Enterprise interface development are discussed in the next lesson. For now, take a quiz to test your knowledge and see how comfortable you are with the material that has been discussed.

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