1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 1 (0:40). Introduction. Creating an infobase. Programming or development?

Programming or development?

"What exactly am I doing?" This question comes up from time to time for everyone who has worked in 1C:Enterprise development or merely looked into it.

"I’m programming," is the most frequent response. "In what?" ... "1C." "What are you working on?" ... "1C." "What is it coded in?" ... "1C." "Wanted: accountant with 1C knowledge," "part-time 1C programmer needed," and so on.

For a casual listener these phrases draw no particular attention. However, for those who know something about 1C:Enterprise development, questions like these are baffling, since the term 1C is used to refer to entirely different things, and the term program is just deceiving.

If your goal is to learn programming in 1C, this is not the right wording. 1C:Enterprise includes a built-in programming language (1C:Enterprise script) but this language is not the most important part of the development process. And this book does not teach you programming as people normally understand it. This book teaches development of applied solutions on the 1C:Enterprise platform. This process definitely includes programming but only as one of the many development tools.

It is important that you understand it from the very beginning, before you take your first steps with 1C:Enterprise.

To help you understand exactly what you will be creating in this tutorial, we will start with an overview of 1C:Enterprise.

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