1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 12 (0:40). Turnover accumulation registers. Why we need another register

Why we need another register

Let us look into the Services document again.

So far you have created accumulation register records only for document rows that contained materials. You have not yet implemented the accounting of services listed in the document. 

This is because the service accounting logic is quite different from the material accounting logic.  

First of all, there is no sense talking about how many services were rendered and how many of them remain. Instead, you need to know the quantity of services that were rendered within a given time period and the total payment for those services. 

Additionally you might want to track the following: 

  • Service type (for building a service popularity rating)
  • Customer (for offering discounts based on the volume of services the customer bought in the past)
  • Technician who rendered the service (for payroll purposes)

Obviously, the accumulation registers that you have so far are not suitable for the task. Therefore, you have to create one more data storage in your configuration: the Sales turnover accumulation register.

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