1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 16 (1:50). Accounting. Using charts of characteristic types in accounting

Using charts of characteristic types in accounting

We have discussed the Chart of characteristic types configuration object in detail during the previous lesson, and now we will only show how to use this object in accounting.

Some of the accounts might use analytical accounting. We will use the "extra dimension types" term to refer to sections of analytical accounting. It means that each account can have multiple dimension types, and accounting is performed based on these types.

We will use the "extra dimensions" term to refer to specific analytical accounting objects.

For example, account 5000 (Inventory) is intended for accounting based on Products and Warehouses, which both are extra dimension types. While a specific "Chocolate spread" product and a specific "Main warehouse" that are specified in some posting within account 5000 are both extra dimensions.

So one of the purposes of a chart of characteristic types is describing extra dimension types. This means that all the analytical accounting sections are described in the respective chart of characteristic types and the types for the values available for some extra dimensions are defined there as well.

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