1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 27 (2:10). Form development techniques. Quiz


  • How are form data and controls connected?
  • What is a main form attribute?
  • What are extensions of forms and form controls?
  • What data types are available in forms?
  • How does one convert applied object data into form data?
  • What is related data and how does one navigate to related data from a form?
  • How does one specify conditional appearance for list form rows?
  • How does one define a choice form for a reference attribute?
  • How does one implement automatic and 1C:Enterprise script-based fill checks for attributes?
  • What is a parameterized command?
  • How does one use parameterized commands in forms?
  • How does one open a list form with a specific filter?

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