1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 28 (2:00). Form customization techniques. Grouping list data

Grouping list data

Sometimes grouping list data by one or several field values significantly improves list usability. For example, you can group the list of Services documents by customer. This operation is available both in Designer and in 1C:Enterprise mode (on the More menu, click Configure list).

We recommend that you design list grouping as follows: if a grouping benefits all users, add it in Designer. List groupings added by users are only available to users who added them. Note that the same principle is applied to report customization.

In Designer mode

Let us specify the grouping of the Services document list in Designer.

  1. Open the list form of the Services document and open the property palette of the main List attribute.
  2. In the List setup field, click the Open link (fig. 28.40).

    Lesson 28 (2:00). Form customization techniques / Grouping list data / In Designer mode
    Fig. 28.40. Dynamic list property palette
  3. In the Dynamic list dialog box, on the Grouping tab, drag the Customer field from the list of available fields to the list of grouping fields (fig. 28.41).

    Lesson 28 (2:00). Form customization techniques / Grouping list data / In Designer mode
    Fig. 28.41. Dynamic list grouping settings

    This setting is also added to the list of user settings in 1C:Enterprise mode (to edit this setting, on the More menu, click Configure list).

In 1C:Enterprise mode

Let us test the changes.

  • Start 1C:Enterprise in the debug mode and open the Services document list.

    You can see that the list is grouped by customer (fig. 28.42). You can change, save, or edit this setting using the More menu.

    Attention! This is how the list looks for new users. The list view settings for existing users were fixed earlier, when the list was not yet grouped. To view a grouped list while logged on as one of the existing users, edit the list settings in 1C:Enterprise mode.

    Lesson 28 (2:00). Form customization techniques / Grouping list data / In 1C:Enterprise mode
    Fig. 28.42. Services document list in 1C:Enterprise mode

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