1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 4 (1:30). Documents. Quiz


  • What are the uses of the Document configuration object?
  • What are the distinctive document features?
  • What are the uses of document attributes and tabular sections?
  • What default document forms are available?
  • What is posting of a document?
  • How does one create a Document configuration object and define its basic structure?
  • How does one create a document and populate it with data?
  • How does one create a custom document form?
  • What is the form wizard?
  • What is the form editor?
  • What is a form control?
  • What is an event? What are events linked to?
  • What is an event handler? How does one create an event handler?
  • What is a module? What is a module used for?
  • Why do we need common modules?
  • What are type-defining objects?

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