1C:Enterprise 8.3. Practical Developer’s Guide. Lesson 5 (2:00). Theory. A form as a script object

A form as a script object

In addition to the fact that you can access various configuration parts from a form, you can also access a form (as a script object) from other configuration parts.

And, together with standard properties and methods of the ManagedForm 1C:Enterprise object, a form can have other developer-defined properties and methods.

For example, if the module of the DocumentForm form of the GoodsReceipt document describes the MaterialsQuantityOnChange() exported procedure (listing 5.16), you can call this procedure as follows (listing 5.17).

Listing 5.16. Form module

Procedure MaterialsQuantityOnChange(Item)
    TabularSectionRow = Items.Materials.CurrentData;

Listing 5.17. Form module

Form = GetForm("Document.GoodsReceipt.Form.DocumentForm");

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