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Publications: 1С stalkingThis article is a view of programmer who moved to 1С from technologies of worldwide software manufacturers — Oracle, Microsoft and others. It is intended primarily for those who makes such transition or is about to make. Some features of 1C programmer work are considered.

1. A lot of opportunities for 1С programmer

1С programming skills open many opportunities. First of all, this is a large number of vacancies which are constantly available on HeadHunter and other websites for job search. You can make a choice according your qualification level and salary requirements. In 1С there are more vacancies than in any other direction of information technologies. There is a lot of work in 1С and it is paid well.

You can find the work with 1С almost in anywhere in our country, almost in any area of the city. You can find the work with 1С close to home. There is no good chance that somewhere near your home the database Oracle is installed, but 1С is available almost surely.

1С is a convenient tool not for fast, but for very fast application development. Combined with the ability of typical configurations redesign it provides the ability to quickly meet the business and users requirements.

Despite all these opportunities many programmers are not in a hurry to use 1С and there is a good reason for this.

2. The difficulties of 1С programmer

1С programs (platform and typical configurations) change very quickly, the updates are released with a high frequency. The developers of 1С company do not always have time to carefully test the next release. After updating configuration the error can occur anywhere.

1С programmer has to deal with these problems, and at the same time to defend 1С reputation. Recently, the personnel department worker asked me: «Why do you program using 1С? This is a very bad program. Our company is so exhausted from it.» I had to praise 1С for a long time.

There is no documentation for 1С. It seemed to be. There is a «Developer’s Guide» even in 2 volumes. But each section of this guide is cut off at the most interesting. This is not documentation in global sense. It is even nowhere near the Oracle of Microsoft documentation by its completeness. 1С documentation often does not match the changes made in the current version.

Syntax Assistant improves slightly the situation, but it is also not full software documentation. Syntax assistant usually reflects the changes made in the current platform version, but, unfortunately, there are the errors and omissions which make the work with it very uncomfortable.

Most 1C books and manuals, to put it mildly, do not reach the global level of structure and completeness of representation. (A pleasant exception – the courses of Eugene Gilev — www.spec8.ru and kursypo1c.ru).

A team of authors which prepares the week course of Oracle has up to 15 people. The course of 1С is prepared by one person. The quality suffers.

There is always a shortage of personnel for 1С. Because of this, some companies are forced to hire the first-time programmers. To remake configuration after such programmers is a real torture.

3. Stalking of 1С programmer

1С programmer is constantly in a state of stalking.

Stalking is a term coined in the last century by the writers Strugatsky brothers and Carlos Castaneda. Concerning the everyday life it means the active actions in ever-changing unpredictable environment that requires constant study and monitoring. Castaneda’s stalking is a technique for tracking down your own feelings and emotions in order to do the constant and complete control over himself (stalking – tracking down, hunting, search, pursuit). Strugatsky’s stalker is a guide on dangerous and little-known places and territories.

1С programmer has a deal with constantly changing objects – 1C platform and configurations. He should be active in relation to those objects to meet the customer requirements. 1С programmer has no full and well structured information about these objects prepared by the manufacturer.

Is it a hopeless situation? Not at all. The behavior strategy and tactics in such uncertain conditions are developed for a long time. Now 1С programmer has the tools for research and analysis – for stalking.

4. The tools for 1С stalking

The first impression of 1С usage for programmer who worked before with Oracle or Microsoft is a feeling of information vacuum. The traditional way of information obtaining – from documentation – does not give the expected result. It does not have to conclude that 1C is bad. You just have to use the other methods of information obtaining.

The main tools of 1С stalking (research) are certainly not documentation. This is a Designer debugger and Internet search engines.

Using the debugger you can research the work of any procedure or function, define the type of data parameters and result, step through the whole algorithm using the standard configuration.

The detailed instructions for debugging are beyond the scope of this article. There many sources where you can get this information.

There many information about 1C in Internet. With properly request preparation it is possible to find the answer to almost any question or even ready solution for a complex task. It is clear that request is constructed individually for each specific case. I can give only one general recommendation: to start the search with «1С». In this case the materials for other programs are cut.

5. Conclusion

I have the friends programmers who curl into a grin while hearing something about 1C, considering this company, its products and technology are not worthy of special attention. They made their choice.

My opinion: the use of 1С is not a story of a series of «the mice winced but are cactus », but a result of a weighted analysis of all pros and cons of information system and its updating.

1С technologies provide the ability of rapid response to the changes in the Russian legislation, the needs of business and the users.

I am attracted to the 1С involvement and ubiquity. Despite many problems which arise during 1C programming, in general it is an exciting experience that gives much more positive emotions than negative. When using 1С it is difficult to «sour». 1С constantly keeps in tone, in a state of alert. 1С programmer is a stalker, not some clerk who works by the developed long time ago rules in a well know environment. And if «on this place there is no card », as it is sang in one tourist song, then you can specify the movement direction using internet of designer debugger.

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