On the release of the final version 8.3 of “1C:Enterprise” platform

News: On the release of the final version 8.3 of 1С:Enterprise platform

“1С” company announces the release 29.05.2013 of the final version 8.3 of “1С:Enterprise” platform.

In new release:

  • the “cloud” technologies and in-line technologies have been developed;
  • the mechanisms of server cluster scalability were modified and extended;
  • administration tools were extended;
  • the client applications and administration tools for Linux were implemented;
  • configuration dumping in a set of files and loading from it were implemented;
  • the new capabilities to work with complex analytical reports were implemented;
  • usability was improved, including the interface, data input and display:
    • a new, more easy-to-use and intuitive interface of applications “Taxi” was created;
    • the interface operation variant is supported to without usage of the modal windows that makes it possible for the applications to work on any mobile devices;
    • list setup is simplified;
    • new mechanisms of input by line significantly accelerates the data search;
  • system operation is optimized, including with different DBMSs;
  • mobile platform “1С:Enterprise” is implemented which provides:
    • the development of applications (configurations) for mobile devices in the Designer environment subject to the constraints of mobile platform;
    • generation of mobile application to save on the mobile device;
    • operation of mobile applications in the operating systems iOS, AndroidOS;
    • support of mobile application work in the Offline mode and data exchange with the main application (back office);
  • mechanism of automated configuration testing was added:
    • for testing the script program is used that simulates the interactive user actions and checks the results of their execution;
    • interactive user actions are saved and can be replayed later;
    • supported for the thick client, thin client and web-client;
    • an object model was implemented for testing;
  • the work with memory was optimized when developing and updating the application solutions that include a large amount of functionality;
  • operation security and stability in the service mode was enhanced;
  • web-client work was improved;
  • new tools for the developer were implemented;
  • other improvements.

Description of the features of “1С:Enterprise” platform, release 8.3.

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