1C Company released 1C:Enterprise version 8.3.7

News: 1C Company released 1C:Enterprise version 8.3.7
1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.7 is available. It features over 100 improvements, which include new development tools, new integration tools, Taxi interface optimization, and more.

Here is a list of major new features and improvements:

Taxi interface development

New form item placement algorithm

The algorithm for item placement in managed forms is fully refactored. This eliminates a number of issues that appeared because the calculation and processing of item visibility were performed on the server. The new algorithm also re-sizes forms according to user display settings, and provides new item and title alignment options.

Simultaneous display of two windows

The option to display two windows simultaneously is implemented. This provides a handy way to compare two reports or two documents.

Serialization of applied 1C:Enterprise types to JSON format

Tools for serializing applied 1C:Enterprise types (references, objects, record sets, and so on) to JSON format are implemented. The JSON format, which is more compact and “fast”, is available for data exchange with another applied solution or with a third-party system.

Monitoring integrity of cluster network connections

The algorithm that quickly detects connection losses between cluster processes or between a cluster and a web server is implemented. This increases the fault tolerance and improves the load balancing due to quick responses to failures.

Development tools improvements

New debug options

The debug functionality is significantly refactored. If is more reliable, and it is supplemented with new features. Debug of mobile applications is now available.

Web services and HTTP services in extensions

Configuration extensions support web and HTTP service operations. During the deployment, you can set up interaction between the applied solution and third-party systems without changing the applied solution configuration. You can use this feature for importing data or synchronizing data with another systems.

Development of dumping configurations to XML files and restoring configurations from XML files

Partial restoration of configurations from XML files is available. This streamlines the development and reduces the length of the “edit-debug” cycle in the new development environment (1C:Enterprise Development Tools).

Complete list of changes

The full list of changes is available in file V8Update.htm.
On Windows, if the platform is installed in the default folder, the file is located in Program Files1cv88.3.7.<build number>docsen.
On Linux, if the platform is installed in the default folder, the file is located in /opt/1c/v8.3/i386/docs/en/

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