New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

1C Company released a new version of 1C:Small Business. It was a lot of hard work to be done and we are proud to introduce you lots of brand new features and a new level of quality.
1C:Small Business is a powerful business app recommended to use by 1C partners as a base to develop own robust applications for local entrepreneurs and small business owners to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly.

Publications: New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

This release contains the following key enhancements:

New “Taxi” interface
  • New design and menu structure
  • List of favorites
  • Full-text search
  • Web client support in new browsers
Improved and enhanced user interface
  • Enhanced manager dashboard
  • Enhanced email operations
  • New user desktop calendar
  • Extended options for selection of products and services
  • Enhanced categorization for counterparties, now with tags and segments
  • Enhanced cashier dashboard with visual display of sales and returns
  • New option to prohibit changing the past periods
New business features
  • Affinity card dashboard, with discounts provided by the cards reflected in documents and reports
  • Calculation and analysis of automatic discounts in documents
  • Journal of alcoholic beverage retail sale records
  • Payroll accrual kind: sales commission
New report features
  • Library of additional reports
  • Improved report design and settings
  • Additional report on shortages and shortfalls
  • Additional accounting analysis wizard
  • New features of the Analysis section reports: sales, funds, settlements, warehouse, manufacturing, and financial results
New print features
  • Printing document batches
  • Auto filling of fields in the contract print wizard
  • Auto filling of printed counterparty contracts
  • Search and correction of duplicate records
  • Extended user rights settings
  • Enhanced data exchange with websites
  • More objects now support versioning
  • Text messaging
  • New address book
  • Bulk sending of email and text messages
  • Importing data from external sources

Publications: New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

Publications: New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

Publications: New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

Publications: New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

Publications: New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

Legal notice

1C LLC is the owner of 1C:Small Business, it is a free business application, is distributed “as is”, and can be used as a basis for development of your own applications on 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and 1C Company provides support for this application at forum. In order to use 1C:Small Business or applications that are based of it, it is required to own or acquire valid licenses of 1C:Enterprise platform. To study 1C:Small Business, you can run it on 1C:Enterprise (training version), keeping in mind the limitations of the training version.

You can download 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 in the Products section of 1C:Developer Network.

Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback or support requests on support forum (try it, it’s free!)

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    1. Mike,
      Thanks for pointing that out.
      We are in the middle of transition to the new template and forum is temporarily disabled.
      We will bring it back as soon as possible.

  1. Thanks for the useful info! As the 1C system controls approximately 90% of the Russian market and is well-tuned to the local legislation and regulations, international companies often need to integrate 1C with their existing MS Dynamics AX system. It’s not as difficult to integrate as it might seem. Want to share with you interesting post about its integration process and features:
    What is your opinion about it?

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