Starting 1C:Enterprise 8 File Workshop

To start 1C:Enterprise 8 File Workshop, use the file 1cv8fv.exe. You can access it from the Windows Start menu: point to Programs, point to 1C Enterprise 8 - File Workshop, and click 1C Enterprise - File Workshop.

You can also start it from the command line.
Use the following format:

1cv8fv.exe [/L<language code>] [<file name>]

/L is the interface language code. The following languages are supported:

Azerbaijani az
Bulgarian bg
Chinese zh
English en
French fr
Georgian ka
German de
Hungarian hu
Kazakh kk
Latvian lv
Lithuanian lt
Polish pl
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese vi

Note. The list of available languages is determined during the installation of 1C:Enterprise.

<file name> is the name of the file to be opened.
The following file formats are supported:

Text document (*.txt);
Spreadsheet document (*.mxl versions 7.7 and 8);
HTML document (*.htm, *.html);
Graphical schema (*.grs);
Geographical schema (*.geo).

To open a file, you can simply drag it to the File Workshop window.

The operating system automatically starts File Workshop when you open spreadsheet document, graphical schema, or geographical schema files.

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