1C:Enterprise 8.3. Administrator Guide. Chapter 11. Uninstall

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The 1C:Enterprise uninstaller does not automatically delete hard drive directories containing infobase. You should delete these directories manually.

If the infobase list has references to the infobase directories you need to delete, you should delete both the corresponding lines from the infobase list (see page 91) and the directories themselves.


1C:Enterprise is uninstalled by a dedicated program that removes system components from the computer hard drive and modifies the Start menu and Microsoft Windows system information.

You should end your session with 1C:Enterprise prior to uninstalling it (1C:Enterprise server should also be shut down).

To uninstall 1C:Enterprise:

„ Open Microsoft Windows control panel and click the Add/Remove Programs

(Programs and Features in Windows Vista) icon;

„ If required, click the Change or Remove icon in the dialog that opens;

„ In the list of the installed programs select the line containing 1C Enterprise 8.3 (8.3.3.XXX) and click Remove.

The uninstall confirmation popup will be displayed. Your confirmation will initiate uninstall of the selected version from the computer and implementation of the required modifications of the system information.

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