Compare and merge configurations

The Designer lets you compare the main configuration to the database configuration, to a configuration stored in a disk file, to a vendor configuration, and to repository configurations, and to compare various combinations of these configurations.

To compare and merge the main configuration with a configuration from a file, select "Configuration - Compare and Merge with Configuration from File...".

The configuration comparison and merger mode permits detailed comparison and merger of two configurations. Selective merger based on the results of comparison is also possible.

The configuration comparison and merger mode can also be used to compare two configurations without merging them.

In this mode, both the common properties of configuration objects such as catalogs, documents, and journals, and their distinct attributes are compared.

Object forms-texts and templates-are compared separately. The results of comparison of common properties and texts can be viewed in detail.

The Designer offers the opportunity to compare any two configurations, for example, two filed configurations, or the repository configuration (with selection of any version) and the vendor configuration, etc.

Configurations can also be compared using a mode in which the main, database, repository, vendor, and filed configurations are compared with each other in various combinations.


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