1C:Enterprise Script

Brief description and purpose of the script
Scrip elements description format
Syntax diagram legend
Syntax diagram of 1C:Enterprise script element description

Brief description and purpose of the script

1C:Enterprise script is used to specify (at the configuration development stage) algorithms of an application task execution.

The script (hereafter referred to as the language) is a subject-oriented programming language that can be used by non-professional programmers. All the language operators can be used both in Russian and in English in the same source code. This book is dedicated to the English language, however Russian synonyms of operators are also provided.

Although the language is relatively simple, it has some object-oriented features, e.g. access rules for properties and methods of special data types (documents, catalogs, etc), which resemble properties and methods of objects used in other object-oriented languages. However, you cannot define special data types using the language tools. You should use the Designer visual mode for this purpose.

Variable types in the language are not fixed, i.e. variable type depends on its value. You do not need to declare variables directly. You can declare a variable indirectly by using it in the left part of an assignment operator. You can also declare variables directly using specific operator. You can use arrays, structures, maps and other universal collections of values.

Language elements description format

Each language element (structure) in this manual is typed in this font. Information about language components is shown as a syntax diagram with detailed description and source text sample.

Syntax diagram legend

The following symbols are used in syntax diagrams:



[ ]

Optional syntax elements are shown in square brackets.

( )

List of parameters is shown in round brackets.


Vertical line separates syntax elements for selection (you can only select one of them).

Syntax diagram of 1C:Enterprise script element description

For illustration of language element description format used in this manual see syntax diagram below.

LanguageElement (RussianSynonym)

LanguageElement(<Parameter 1>, <Parameter 2>, ...) [AddKeyWord]
English syntax: (for language structures)
Russian synonym: (when needed)
Parameter 1 Required/Optional
Parameter description.
Parameter 2 Required/Optional
Parameter description.
Returned value:
Type and brief description of returned value.
Description of LanguageElement function.
A note to description.
// Example text with comments.
See also:
References to other methods, procedures or functions.

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