1C:Enterprise 8.3. Developer Guide. Appendix 9. Specifics of Using Separate Mechanisms

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Working with HTML Documents

„ The <TABLE> element can't be added as a child element in the <P> element. Thus, <P><TABLE></TABLE></P> construction after processing by 1C:Enterpise will become <P></P><TABLE></TABLE>. <P> element processing rules are defined in the HTML standard (http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/text.html), in section 9.3.1 Paragraphs: the P element.


„ When program code in a waiting handler is executed, Ctrl + Break is not processed and the screen is not refreshed. You also should not add program code that will worsen user experience in a waiting handler.

„ The server is notified about form closing (and unlocking an object if it is locked) in the following situations:

The form is closed, if an object was locked in the form (for editing).

Getting a form from a server using the OpenForm(), GetForm() methods.

Calling server (context and out-of-context) form methods.

Closing 20 forms.

The system is in the waiting state for more than 20 seconds.

When the following dynamic list commands are executed:

□ deleting an item;

□ marking an item for deletion;

□ posting a document or canceling a posting; □ moving a catalog item to another group.

„ If the applied solution runs on thick client running in managed mode and you use the OpenValue() method or the Open button (magnifying glass) for a text box, it opens a list form if all of the following conditions are met:

„ The In list editing mode is selected for the configuration object (for catalogs, exchange plans, charts of characteristic types, charts of accounts, charts of calculation types, independent information registers, business processes and tasks).

„ The applied solution has an ordinary list form selected as the main or auxiliary form.

„ Ordinary forms are allowed to be used in a managed application in the applied solution.

No managed list or object form is selected as the main or auxiliary form.

Working with files

„ When you work with files in Windows local file system note that full filepath length can't exceed 260 characters.

Saving a Spreadsheet Document

„ If a spreadsheet document contains multiple line text that is centrally aligned horizontally and exceeds cell borders, when this document is exported to Microsoft Excel format this text will be cut by the left cell border and the right cell border. To avoid this you should either create a merged cell to fit the whole text or you should place every line of multiple line text in a separate spreadsheet document row. It is not recommended to make a separate row format for a row with multiple line text.

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