Base mechanisms

Base mechanisms of 1C:Enterprise 8 are focused on the fact to significantly accelerate and unify both the development of application solutions and their support. Raising the abstraction level, clear separation of the platform and application solution, application solution construction based on metadata – all this allows moving from the technical and low-level concepts to more meaningful and high-level ones, and thus bringing them to the language of users and specialists in the subject area. Thanks to the fact that all the application solutions are constructed based on a particular model, the traditional tasks are solved related to the performance, ergonomics, functionality, etc.

Type system

1C:Enterprise 8, like any other computer program, is not able to work directly with a real information. Therefore, it has its own type system that allows representing the real data in the terms "understandable" for 1C:Enterprise 8.

Using script, the developer can describe the special algorithms according to which the application solution has to work.

Query mechanism
Database work

Query is a call to the system with request to select specific information from database and, often, to process it: group, sort, calculate. Using a query, for example, it is possible to easily know the sales volume for each article during a year with detailed information for each month or to select the items of catalogs according to the specific condition.

A model of database work implemented in the 1C:Enterprise 8 allows the developer to focus on creation of application business logic and not worry about the structures of tables, data type conversions, etc.

System operation variants

1C:Enterprise 8 provides operation in two different variants which ensure a completely identical work with application solution both for one user and for large work group.

The system contains in its structure three client applications that ensure development of the application solutions, their administration and direct work with data in the user mode. In the user mode on-line work via Internet is supported, including without pre-installation of the system on the user computer.

Server cluster
1C:Enterprise 8 mobile platform

1C:Enterprise 8 server cluster is a main platform component that provides an interaction between the users and database management system in the client-server operation variant. The presence of cluster allows providing uninterruptable, fault tolerant, concurrent work of a large number of users with the large information bases.

Allows creating the mobile applications running under Android or iOS operating systems.

Data separation
Interface mechanisms

Data separation mechanism allows storing in one information base the data of multiple independent from each other organizations.

1C:Enterprise 8 implements a modern interface design and enhances the comfort of user operation when working with the system for a long time.

Full-text data search
Transaction data lock control

Mechanism of full-text search supports indication of the search operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, etc.). A selective inclusion of applied objects and attributes in the full-text search is possible.

The mode of controlled transaction locks allows managing the data locks in terms of subject area and increases the parallelism of the user work.

Cryptography mechanism

Cryptography mechanism allows the application solutions to use the cryptographic operations to process data stored in the information base.

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