Deployment techniques

Depending on the application solution complexity, its deployment can be performed with several ways.


The simple application solutions intended for the personal use or for operation in the small organizations can be deployed without assistance. In these cases, usually, it is required only a minimal initial setup and migration or input of initial data existing in the previous accounting system. These processes are described in the application solution documentation and can be performed by the users or IT-specialists of organization themselves.

Deployments using the 1C partners

Deployment using the 1C company partners is, probably, the most typical case. In this way, the complex application solution are deployed as well as the applications in which the activity features of particular enterprise or special customer desires must be taken into account. In such deployments the IT-specialists of the customer can be involved executing a certain scope of deployment functions.

Deployed solutions based on the "1C:Enterprise 8" program system

1C company keeps the catalog of deployed solutions in which the 1C company partners voluntary contribute the information messages about their deployments. This catalog is classified by branches, cities, authors of performed deployments and can be useful in selection of partner who has an experience of application solution deployment.

Search for deployment partner

To select partner that performs deployment, it is possible to use also a list of 1C company partners which is classified by regions and cities.

Deployment of corporate information systems with participation of the Centers of corporate technology support

An experience of application solution deployment on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform shows that the system allows solving the tasks of different degree of complexity – from automation of one workplace to creation of the enterprise-wide information systems.

At the same time, deployment of a large information system makes the higher demands in comparison with the small and medium deployment. The enterprise-wide information system has to provide an acceptable performance in case of simultaneous and intensive work of a large number of users who use the same software and hardware resources in the concurrent mode. In this case, both the hardware and software parts operate with a large load.

Deployment of corporate information systems

1C company developed a set of techniques, tools and mechanisms which allow solving any occurring questions and achieving the good measures of performance and scalability of the systems that operate with a large load or make the higher demands to the system performance, accessibility and stability.

1C:Expert on technical questions

Deployment of corporate information systems makes the higher demands to the qualification of technical specialists. Therefore, 1C company provides the training and certification of specialists in the competence of "1C:Expert on technical questions".

1C:Corporate development package

1C:Corporate development package is a set of tools to increase the performance, scalability and reliability of information systems that operate on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. It can be used both during deployment of large systems and during their subsequent operation.

Knowledge base on technological questions of large deployments

"1C" company together with the certified "1C:Experts on technical questions" and other technical specialists carries out a knowledge base on technological questions of large deployments. It contains the techniques and technologies focused to improve the quality of large deployments, to describe the occurred problems and the ways to solve them. In addition, other materialsare published on the questions related to the deployment of corporate information systems.

Centers of corporate technology support

To provide the services of technological supervision for the deployment projects and to support the corporate information systems, there is a network of the Centers of corporate technology support – the "1C" company partners that have an experience of successful implementation of complex deployments with high demands to the system operation quality which is confirmed by the feedbacks of clients and special competence "Center of corporate technology support ".

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