Work on mobile devices

Work on mobile devices is possible through the use of web-client and slow connection mode. Slow connection mode provides a convenient work via low-speed internet connection (for example, using GPRS-connection ). And web-client allows connecting to the information base using only the browser available in the device.

Work on the notebooks and netbooks in this case does not differ practically from the work on the standard desktop computer, because they use the same full-featured versions of browsers.

However, the browsers that work on the mobile devices have a number of limitations and specific requirements. Therefore, especially for the comfortable work on iPad in the web-client the modifications were made that take into account the features of mobile browser Safari and the specifics of the iPad device.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Work on mobile devices
As a result, web-client which works on iPad supports a touch input, the lists have the side scroll bars and are scrolled with a finger, for the convenience of work, the height of rows is increased in tables, drop-down lists, a width of columns is increased in the input box, the calendar sizes are increased. The standard gestures for zoom in and zoom out are supported.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Work on mobile devices

Extension for pocket computers

Extension for the pocket computers is one of the platform components. It is supplied as a part of standalone product - "1C:Enterprise 8. Extension for pocket computers".

This component extends the scope of "1C:Enterprise 8". It provides an ability to work with data of the "1C:Enterprise 8" information bases on the mobile devices (pocket computers, communicators, data collection terminals) as well as on the personal computers (including notebooks) that do not have a direct access to the "1C:Enterprise 8" information bases.

  1C:Enterprise 8 - Work on mobile devices
Using this product, the organizations can provide a greater mobility for the certain categories of employees, afford an opportunity to work with actual data in the business trips and on various travelling events.


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