Mobile platform

Mobile platform of 1C:Enterprise 8 is a general name of technology that allows creating application which operates on the mobile devices under operating systems Android or iOS. Usually, such devices are different smartphones and tablet PC.

Mobile application installed on the device is a combination of mobile platform and information base. Information base on the mobile device contains an analog of file database (to store data with which the user is working) and mobile application (software code running on the mobile device).

1C:Enterprise 8 - Mobile platform

The user may install the mobile application on his device by downloading it from the application store App Store or Google Play. The mobile application distributive contains:

  • mobile application;
  • mobile platform;
  • additional files.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Mobile platform

The main purpose of mobile applications is the organization of remote workplaces for the application solutions that operate on the desktops. A permanent data exchange is organized with such applications using the standard platform tools in the off-line mode:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Mobile platform

Also, the modile application can be designed to work simultaneously with multiple back-office applications:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Mobile platform

Mobile application development is conducted in the same manner as the "normal" application development, with the only difference that it is required to take into account the contraints that the mobile platform imposes:

  • not all the classes of configuration objects are used;
  • the query language and data composition system are not used;
  • the mechanism of distributed information bases is not used;
  • limited set of form items if used;
  • desktop contains only one form;
  • step-by-step debug is not supported;
  • etc.

Therefore, it is required to set the property UsagePurpose in value MobileDevice for the configuration developed as a mobile application. In this case, the system will automatically hide the capabilities unavailable for the mobile platform, and the operating tools (syntax check, configuration check, etc.) will be configured to operate with the script context available in the mobile platform.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Mobile platform

In order to get from configuration a mobile application ready to load in the application store, it is required to do the following:

  • upload mobile application in XML file;
  • using "Mobile application creation assistant", assemble from XML file, mobile platform distributive and additional files the mobile application distributives for operating system Android and iOS;
  • the distributive for operating system Android can be immediately loaded in the application store Google Play, and distributive for iOS should be assembled using Xcode on the computer with operating system Mac OS X before loading in App Store .

1C:Enterprise 8 - Mobile platform

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