Rapid development environment

The subject oriented rapid development environment contained in the 1C:Enterprise platform is implemented as a part of Designer. It provides the developer with integrated set of tools necessary for rapid development, distribution and support of application solution for business automation.

In addition, there is a set of tools not directly related to the Designer that are also designer to simplify the work of developer. We will list the most important mechanisms and tools included in the development tools:

Configuration objects
Configuration object tree

Standardization of application solution development technology allows the developer to focus his efforts on the creation of application business logic and not to engage in the technological details, such as organization of database interaction, processing the transaction locks, nuances of screen form programming, etc. This is possible thanks to the fact that the application solutions in 1C:Enterprise are developed in terms of task oriented objects a set of which is specified at the technological platform level.

One of the main tools to work with configuration. It represents the configuration structure in the graphic view and allows performing different actions over the individual configuration objects .

Configuration object editing window

Allow specifying the logical structure of created application solution by extracting the individual parts in it - subsystems.

Helps to create and edit the "complex" configuration objects . Using this window, the developer can create and change the structure of configuration object , specify its properties, set the relationships with other configuration objects and edit the forms, templates , modules and other subordinate objects.

Property palette
"More" window

Helps to edit the properties of configuration objects and open different forms related to the editable object. Property palette can be used both for the "complex" and "simple" objects.

Serves to display in a single list the object properties related to various configuration objects.

Templates and pictures
Configuration report

Application solution may contain the objects whose information is used to form an "appearance" of application solution or can be used by the application solution to show it for the user. Such objects are the pictures and templates.

The Designer provides the developer an ability to get description of all configuration structure as a file. This ability can be very useful when developing the large configurations or if it is necessary to store a history of the changes introduced in the application solution.

Syntax assistant
Text templates

Designed to simplify the development of modules that contain the script text. It provides the developer on-line help for the script.

The use of text templates allows saving the frequently used text fragments and later quickly pasting them in the editable text document or module.


The auxiliary tools that facilitate the development of standard elements of 1C:Enterprise system. Using the wizards, not only the visual components of configuration objects are generated, but, in some cases (enter based on, print, output form, etc.) the software modules are generated.

1C:Enterprise 8 Designer contains a number of specialized designers that provide the developer with ability to make the changes in different application solution elements.

Global text search and replace
External reports and data processors

Allows searching specific string in all the application solution elements: modules, dialogs, spreadsheet documents, descriptions and external files.

Allow accelerating the development speed, because such reports and processors are stored in the individual files outside the application solution. Thanks to this, they can be used in different application solutions without changing the structure of these solutions.

Comparison and merging of configurations
Configuration save and load

Allow comparing in detail two application solutions and merging them. The selective merging is possible according to the comparison results.

The system allows saving application solution configuration in file and loading configuration from file with complete replacement of the existing configuration.

Team development

1C:Enterpris Designer allows performing the team development of application solution by the team of developers. In this case, the access rights are specified for modification of each application solution object and the required changes are performed by the developers simultaneously, not successively.

An auxiliary tool that helps to develop the software modules of application solution. It allows tracking execution of software modules, viewing the content of variables, etc.

Distribution and support
Automated testing

Allow automating the interaction between the application developer and the user. Usually, the application solution always develops, obtains a new functionality. The mechanism of distribution and support of the application solutions allows the developer to automate the distribution of updated application solution versions and helps the user to automate the modification of his application solution according to the developer’s update.

A script allows describing the algorithm that replays the interactive user actions and controlling the results of their execution by their comparison with etalons.
In addition, the interactive user actions can be saved in file for their subsequent analysis or text generation on their basis.

Check configuration
Distribution package

Allows checking the configuration, for example, before distribution for the customer or before releasing a mass-production solution, and identifying the shortcomings that can be the reason to slow down an application solution operation or even a reason of error occurrence in some special operation modes.

1C:Enterprise Designer allows the developer to create the distribution packages – the distributives of mass-production software products. A distribution package is an installer Setup.exe and the distribution files compressed in the archive. Thus, to install the application solution on his computer, it is enough for the user to run installer Setup.exe which has a standard installer interface.

Performance meter
Configuration files dumping and loading

1C:Enterprise 8 Designer allows evaluating an execution speed of the entire configuration or of its part. This ability helps the developer to choose the most optimal implementation method of algorithms in the script.

The system allows performing the selective dumping for certain properties of objects in files and loading these properties in the configuration.

Server call delay simulate
Localization of application solution interfaces

Allows the developer to see a real work speed of his application solution on the client with a real communication channel.

1C:Enterprise 8 system allows creating the multilingual application solutions. The developer has an opportunity to develop configuration in multiple languages at once and each user – to select his own language. To do this, the localization of application solution interfaces is used whereby the developer can generate the string values in the required languages that the names of menu items, descriptions of application solution objects, etc. should be displayed in the language selected by the user.

Functional options
Performance display

Allows specifying in the configuration the functionality that can be used or not used on deployment depending on the needs of particular organization.

Displays the developer in real time, in the 1C:Enterprise mode, information about the number and duration of server calls as well as an amount of data received and sent by the client.

1C:Standard subsystems library 8.2

A set of universal functional subsystems. Can be used in the developed configuration both all together and separately. Each subsystem implements a certain standard functionality frequently used in the application solutions. It is enough for developer to deploy the required subsystem in his application solution and to perform a number of settings.

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