Business processes

Mechanism of business processes is one of the business mechanisms. It allows describing, creating and managing the execution of business processes in the application solutions. The aim of this mechanism is to automate the chains of related operations aimed to achieve a common goal, usually in the context of organizational structure that determines the functional roles and relationships.

The mechanism of business processes is provided by the following application solution objects:


Business process

Describes a business logic on the route map and manages the life cycle of created business processes (instances) from the start to the end moment.

Designed for job accounting and describes the method of their distribution over the executors subject to the enterprise organizational structure.

This mechanism includes the tools to describe the schemes of business processes and their role routing, tools to generate the jobs performed in each route point, tools to manage the business process and organize its relationships with the other application solution functions.

This mechanism provides the developer with the flexible capabilities to manage the process branching and task generation. For example, in addition to the standard conditional branching, the developer can visually describe the parallel passing of multiple route branches and specify a point of their merging. It is allowed to direct a single job to a group of potential executors, for example, if one of the department managers has to make out a bill. Conversely, in some route point it is possible to initialize multiple jobs, for example, of all the heads of departments have to present the financial statements.

The role routing allows generating the task not only directly for a particular employee, but also to distribute the tasks over the roles, subdivisions and other criteria that can be described by the application solution developer. When performing the role routing, it is allowed to specify the current distribution of the responsibilities of employees subject to the temporary position fillings, several positions overlapping, etc.

The mechanism of business process proposes a finished strategy for group practice automation of the enterprise employees. To describe the simplest business processes, it is enough to specify visually the route plan and indicate the branching conditions in their node points. All other actions are executed by the system automatically. When implementing the complex business processes, the developer efforts are required mainly for their close association with the application solution functions.

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