Tasks are the applied configuration objects. They are intended for task accounting and describe the method of their distribution over the executors subject to the organizational enterprise structure. Addressing the tasks to the employees is defined by the attributes in which it is possible to provide a multidimensional role-based routing, for example, by the roles, work groups, subdivisions, premises, branches, etc.

The tasks are a "motive power" of the mechanism of business processes. When executing the task, the business process generated it performs the transition to the next route point in accordance with the route map. In this case, the tasks have an independent applied value as a list of tasks assigned to the particular executors directly or using the role-based routing and can be used separately from the business processes.

When forming a task list for particular employee, the information register is used which provides searching for the correspondences of role-employee according to the addressing scheme configured in the task. Usually, for all the business processes a single task list is implemented.

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