Chart of accounts

Charts of accounts are the applied configuration objects . Each of them allows describing a collection of synthetic accounts intended for group information about economical activities of enterprise. With setting the chart of accounts, the required accounting system is really organized.


The charts of accounts support the multilevel hierarchy "account - subaccounts". Each chart of accounts can include the required number of the first level. For each account the required number of subaccounts can be opened. In turn, each subaccount may have its own subaccounts, etc. A number of nesting level of subaccounts in the 1C:Enterprise 8 system is unlimited:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Chart of accounts

Creation and editing of accounts can be executed both by the developer (predefined accounts) and the user, during operation of application solution. However, the user cannot delete the accounts created by the developer.

It is possible to maintain the analytical accounting over any account and subaccount. When creating and editing the chart of accounts, it is possible to set the correspondence of the required account or subaccount to the necessary number of subcounts – the objects of analytical accounting:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Chart of accounts

In order to have an ability to set subcount for the accounts, the chart of accounts is associated with the chart of characteristic types in which the types of subcount are described applied for this chart of accounts:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Chart of accounts

For each account it is possible to set several accounting attributes, for example, numerical and currency. In addition, it is possible to set several attributes of subcount accounting (for example, summation, numerical, currency). The attributes of subcount accounting allow setting the attribute usage of one or another subcount type during preparation of predefined accounts.

Also with each account and subaccount a set of additional information can be associated that is stored in the attributes. For example, this can be an attribute that denies using the account in conductions:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Chart of accounts

Forms of the chart of accounts

In order to make it possible for the user to view and change the data contained in the chart of accounts, the system supports the several display forms of the chart of accounts. The system can automatically generate all the required forms; along with this, the developer may create his own forms that can be used by the system instead of default forms:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Chart of accounts

List form

To view data contained in the chart of accounts, a list form is used. It allows navigating over the chart, browsing the accounts in the hierarchy and as a simple list, adding, marking for deletion and deleting the accounts. The list form allows sorting and selecting the displayed information by several filters:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Chart of accounts

Account form

To view and change the individual accounts, an account form is used. Usually it represents the data in human-friendly and convenient for editing form:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Chart of accounts

Selection form

In addition to these two forms for the chart of accounts, the selection form of particular account from the list is supported. It usually contains a minimal set of information required to select one or another account and can be used, for example, to select the account when creating the accounting operation.

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