Check configuration

The mechanism of configuration check allows detecting the errors that are not critical for application solution functioning in principle, but which presence can significantly decrease the application solution performance or even result in occurrence of the errors in some special modes.

The mechanism of configuration check supports particularly the following checks:

  • standard check of configuration logical integrity performed before the database configuration update;
  • search for the invalid references in all the objects, forms, templates, etc.
  • syntax control of the modules in different operation modes, including the server operation emulation and the mode of external connection;
  • search for unused local procedures and functions;
  • check of the presence of assigned handlers;
  • search for empty handlers.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Check configuration

This mechanism can be used, for example, to check configuration before its distribution to the customer, before producing a mass-production solution, to check after a massive object deletion or after merging of configurations.

The use of this mechanism is available also when launching the Designer in the batch mode from the command line.

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