Configuration object editing window

Configuration object editing window is designed for editing the properties of major configuration objects, managing the composition of subordinate objects and configuring the interaction between the objects.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Configuration object editing window

The edited properties are located on the several tabs. Each tab contains a set of attributes for setting the properties of particular type of object. A navigation over the tabs is carried out using the buttons Next> and <Back.

The composition of the tabs and the set of controls can change depending on the configuration object type. Some objects may contain specific tabs belonging only to this object type. For example, for the documents there are the tabs Records, Journals and Sequences.

Configuration object editing window capabilities

Configuration object editing window enables:

  • sequential editing of configuration object properties firstly specifying the properties that can be used further;
  • editing the configuration object properties in arbitrary sequence by going directly to the necessary category of properties;
  • editing the predefined configuration object elements (if they are supported by the object);
  • opening and editing the object-related forms;
  • creating the new subordinate configuration objects (resources, attributes, measurements, forms, templates...);
  • deleting the subordinate configuration objects with the control of the presence of references to the deleted object;
  • searching for the configuration object references in the other configuration objects;
  • searching for the references to other configuration objects in the given configuration object;
  • launching the wizards associated with configuration object.

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