“Enter based on” wizard

"Enter based on" wizard assists to create a script procedure which will be called when creating one application solution object based on the data contained in another object. This functionality can be useful, for example, if in the application solution based on the catalog Contractor the document Arrival of goods must be created that contains the same attributes as the original catalog item.

"Enter based on" wizard can be called, for example, from the catalog edit window:

1C:Enterprise 8 - "Enter based on" wizard

The wizard provides the manual and automatic filling of the expressions to be written in the fields of resulting application solution object:

1C:Enterprise 8 - "Enter based on" wizard

The result of wizard work is a ready script procedure with the name Filling(). This procedure is located in the module of resulting configuration object and will be called by the system when entering the object based on another object.

1C:Enterprise 8 - "Enter based on" wizard

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