Form constructor

Form constructor of the configuration object serves to create the various forms to be used by the system or by the developer when displaying the data of this object.

The constructor is called by the system automatically when creating a new form (for example, when creating a new catalog form in the catalog editing window):

1C:Enterprise 8 - Form constructor

The wizard allows creating one of the forms that can be assigned to this object as the main form or simply an arbitrary form. The forms that can be assigned to as the main will have a specific behavior defined by their purpose, and an arbitrary form will have a standard behavior.

The constructor allows visually describing the composition of attributes to be placed in the form and selecting an option of command panel location.

The result of constructor work will be a ready form (for example, the form of catalog item):

1C:Enterprise 8 - Form constructor

The developer can introduce in this form the additional changes necessary in a particular application solution or immediately use the form created by the constructor without any modification:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Form constructor

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