Functional option parameter

Functional option parameters are the general configuration objects . They are a part of functional option mechanism and allow creating the functional options the effort of which is specified not rigidly (once in the deployment) and can change depending on the data stored in the information base (depending on the value of functional option parameter).

For example, during operation it is required to display and hide the field Currency of mutual payments in the documents depending on the fact for which organization the goods arrival is executed. If in this organization the currency accounting is conducted – the field Currency of mutual payments must be displayed. If the currency accounting is not conducted – the field must be hidden.

To solve this task, it is possible to add to the configuration the functional option Currency accounting and the functional option parameter Organization. For the functional option specify that its value will be stored in the Boolean attribute of organization (its parameter) – Currency accounting.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Functional option parameter

Then if organization does not conduct the currency accounting – the field Currency of mutual payments will be hidden. If it conducts – the field will be displayed.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Functional option parameter

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