Server call delay simulate

The mode of server call delay simulate allows the developer to see the real speed of operation of his application solution on the client, on the real communication channel.

In this case, there is no need of any special connections to the Internet. It is enough to enable this mode and the platform (even in the file variant on the local computer) will start to work with the delays with which the real communication channel is working.

The mode of server call delay simulate can be enabled or disabled during the operation of client application. The session working in this mode will have a special mark – an icon «handbrake» in the information panel.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Server call delay simulate

When enabling the mode of server call delay simulate, the platform sets the standard delays specially selected to simulate the mobile internet-connection (via GPRS):

  • Call delay – 1,45 sec.;
  • Data transmission delay – 0,45 sec.;
  • Data receiving delay – 0,15 sec.

If necessary, the developer can set his own values of these delays.

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