Settings repository

Settings repositories are the general configuration objects. They allow the developer to create his own mechanisms of settings storage in those cases when the capabilities of standard settings storage mechanism are not sufficient.

During operation, the user performs various settings in the system: creates the report versions, saves the report settings, inputs some data in the forms, etc. In addition, in particular application solution there can be its own settings defined by the operation logic of this solution that make the user work more convenient. These settings are stored in the system tables of the information base.

However, not all the cases of system mechanisms of settings storage can satisfy the needs of developer with 100%. The settings repositories allow the developer to store the user settings not in the system tables, but in the configuration objects (for example, in the special catalogs, information registers). Thanks to this, the developer can implement his own format for storing these settings and his own algorithms for operating with these settings. For example, when a special structure is required to store the settings, when it is required to provide the transmission of settings within the distributed information base, when there are the special requirements to the settings administration, etc.

It is possible to redefine in the properties of configuration, reports, processors and forms the storage of the settings in repository added by the developer. And in the forms for loading and saving the settings to describe the algorithms according to which the settings will be saved/restored.

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