Spreadsheet designer

Spreadsheet designer is one of the development tools. It allows creating and changing the spreadsheet documents that are the base to create various print forms.

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer

The spreadsheet designer allows the developer to make full use of a wide range of spreadsheet document options. We will list the main of these options:

General properties of spreadsheet document

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer

The designer allows setting the general properties of spreadsheet document, such as:

  • options to display the results when using in the document the groupings of rows and columns;
  • use of document as a template;
  • use of picture as a document background;
  • specifying the document area to be printed;
  • setting the color document design;
  • indicating the document rows and columns to be printed on each new sheet.
Named areas

The designer allows the developer to specify the names of document areas. As an area can be a cell or the cell group.

When naming the document rows and columns, the designer can display the names of areas in the editing window and highlight the named areas. The multi-level nesting of the named areas is supported:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer


The developer can specify the notes for the individual cells or cell groups of document:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer


The spreadsheet designer provides ability to group the document rows and columns. It is possible to create, delete, extend the groups (to include the additional adjacent rows and columns), to create the nested and external groups:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer

Graphical objects

The designer allows using in spreadsheet design the drawing of straight lines, rectangles, ovals and inserting in the document the ready pictures saved using the picture designer:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer

In addition, the designer provides ability to group (ungroup) the graphical objects and to specify the names of graphical objects.

Summary tables

One of the most important designer options is an ability to place in the spreadsheet document the summary tables. The summary tables provide the universal mechanism for display and interactive analysis of multidimensional data obtained as the query results:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer


The designer supports the use of special graphical objects of 1C:Enterprise in the spreadsheet documents, such as chart, Gantt chart and dendrograms. These objects allow representing 1C:Enterprise data in a comfortable graphical form and can be available with the help of script tools:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer

The use of these objects allows improving the appearance of output documents and increasing the clearness of displayed information:

1C:Enterprise 8 - Spreadsheet designer

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