WS reference

WS reference is a general configuration object . It is intended to describe in the application solution the "static" references to some external web service of third-party provider.

WS reference is a WSDL description of web-service imported from a specified source. WS reference is not available for editing, however, it is possible to view its structure and the structure of data types used for describing the parameters and returned values:

1C:Enterprise 8 - WS reference

The further work with such reference is performed by the script tools.

The description of reference to web-service in the configuration tree using the WS reference object is useful for rarely changing services. The description of web-service is obtained once during creation of configuration object and is stored in the configuration. Therefore, all the addresses to this reference from the script will be executed quickly. However, in case of changing the web-service description it will need to re-import its description in WS reference.

Dynamic address to web-services

To work with frequently changing web-services, the script provides ability for dynamic reading of web-service description and construction of its proxy. This ability is useful for frequently changing services. Also this ability allows calling the web-services which location will be known only during program execution. However, despite all the advantages, this method of operation is slower, because each time when creating web-server the time for obtaining the web-service description will be consumed.

Below there is an example of the proxy creation for web-service and the use of one of web-service methods.

1C:Enterprise 8 - WS reference

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