XDTO package

XDTO packages are the general configuration objects. They are a part of XDTO mechanism. XDTO packages allow describing in the configuration the system of types and values for interacting with various external data sources, for example, with Web-services.

An arbitrary number of XDTO packages can be added to the configuration.

1C:Enterprise 8 - XDTO package

It is possible to perform the following actions:

  • creation of XDTO package using the import of XML scheme;
  • adding the new XDTO package in the configuration tree and its further editing;
  • export of existing XDTO package in the XML scheme.

Also the 1C:Enterprise 8 system supports an ability to export a set of XML data schemes of configuration.

Editing the XDTO package is performed in a special window which displays a hierarchical structure of XDTO package:

1C:Enterprise 8 - XDTO package

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