Information base administrative tools

1C:Standard subsystems library. Information base administrative tools

Base functionality

The system provides the following set of administrative functions:

  • Setting up the system parameters.
  • Viewing event log.
  • Deleting the marked objects.
  • For settings control.
  • Checking the minimum required platform version on the system startup.

Base functionality

Also the system provides a number of service capabilities:

  • Personal user settings.
  • Universal form for selecting the metadata objects.
  • Confirmation of program closure.
  • User warnings when closing the program.
Dynamic configuration update control

Subsystem allows notifying the users who work in the system about dynamic configuration modification by offering to restart a client application in order for the changes to take effect.

Dynamic configuration update control

Subsystem automatically tracks a fact of dynamic configuration modification every 20 minutes.

Event log control

Using the report on the critical records of event log, the administrator may control various problem situations when operating with the system.

Event log control

In addition, a regular distribution of this report can be configured via e-mail.

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