1C:Enterprise 8 Designer contains a set of specialized designers that provide the developer with ability to apply the changes in the different application solution items.

Form designer
Text and module designer

Allows designing the most of windows that are used in the system for input and viewing the subject information – forms of documents, catalogs, settings of reports, etc.

Used to create the software modules in the script (or query language) and to edit the documents in text form.

Configuration command interface designer
Starting page work area designer

Designed   to configure the panel of sections. It allows setting the composition, an order of sections and their visibility in the context of roles .

Intended to describe what form and how will be located on desktop.

Main section command interface designer
Command interface designer

Designed to configure the commands of desktop. For desktop navigation panel and panel   of actions it enables setting the composition of commands, their order and visibility of the commands in the context of the roles .

Designed to setup the commands of some subsystem . It allows setting the composition of commands, their order and visibility in the contex of the roles for navigation panel and actions panel of selected subsystem.

"All subsystems" designer
Role designer

Enables working simultaneously with all the configuration subsystems .

Allows setting the composition of the rights for a single selected role .

"All roles" designer
"All access restrictions" designer

Allows changing and analyzing the composition of the rights for several or all the roles at once that are available in the application solution.

Allows changing the text of restrictions for several roles at once, copying the restrictions from one role to another, etc.

Spreadsheet designer
Graphical schema designer

For all the output documents (primary documents and reports) the system provides a single format – the format of spreadsheet documents. The designer of spreadsheet documents is a powerfull tool combining the design features of table structure and vector graphics. It can be used both to create the small documents with a very complex structure of the lines (like   payment order) and to create the solid sheets, journals and other similar documents.

Used to edit the route map of business processes as well as to create the arbitrary graphic schemes.

Picture designer
HTML editor

Allows creating the pictures of arbitrary sizes to use them as toolbar widgets, pictures for buttons and for other design purposes.

Enables creating the custom descriptions as the hyper-text documents (HTML-documents). The editor has many design features (hyperlinks mechanism, use of styles, placing the pictures, etc.).

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