Wizards are the subsidiary tools that simplify the development of standard elements of 1C:Enterprise system. With the wizards not only the visual components of configuration objects, but also in some cases (enter based on, print, output form, etc.) the software modules are generated.

Query builder
Query wizard with result processing

Helps the developer to prepare syntactically correct text of query to database in the query language.

Allows creating the ready code fragment to receive data using a query and output them, for example, in a spreadsheet document.

Register records wizard
Print design wizard

Helps the developer to create a procedure in the script that will be called during document conduction. This procedure will create the necessary records in the application solution registers.

Helps to create for the application solution object a template of print form and   a print procedure in the script.

"Enter based on" wizard
Form constructor

Helps to create a procedure in the script using which a new object of application solution will be generated.

Many application solution objects may have different forms that are used by the system for visual representation of the data for these objects. The form constructor of configuration objects helps the developer to create the ready forms of such objects.

Template wizard
Format string designer

Template wizard is the most simple of all wizards. It performs only one task – create "a blank" of the template  of specific type.

Helps the developer to prepare the text of format string that is used in the script structures to convert the value for the representation comfortable for reading by the user.

Multilingual string wizard
Aggregates wizard

Simplifies the use of script operator NStr().

Allows creating and configuring the aggregates that will be used by the accumulation register .

Data composition schema wizard
Data composition settings wizard

Helps the developer to create the composition scheme which is the basis of reports that use the data composition system. The composition scheme contains the declarative description of the future report.

Allows quickly configuring a  report created using the data composition system.

Data composition appearance template wizard
Use of text templates

Allows editing an appearance of report areas created using the data composition system.

When editing the text documents and modules, the Designer provides developer with an ability to use a mechanism of templates for automatic substitution of frequently used text   fragments. We can say that the use of this mechanism allows the developer to create by himself the simple "wizards" of module fragments.

Row- and cell-level security wizard
Wizard of external data source tables

Helps to prepare the restriction text at the level of database records and fields. These restrictions are used to "specify" the basic rights to read and save when creating the roles .

Allows reading the descriptions of database tables and creating the necessary tables of external data source in configurations.

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